Recent Web sites:

My Real Pages

An online system for realtors allowing them to instantly post their real estate listings with photos on their own web site without a need for hiring a webmaster.

List And Track

An online system for realtors allowing them to keep track of showings of their listings. It allows the agent and unlimited number of assistants to book showings, generate statistics and send reports to sellers.

Double End

A web site in a conservative style for a buyer of investment properties who offers real estate agents 100% commissions on both ends.

Global E-mails

A web site selling marketing databases using PayPal payment processing engine.


A business site for online e-mail processing.

Magic Of Christmas

A web site for a nation wide charity The Magic Of Christmas.

Boogie Woogie Blues

A web site selling CD album created by Byron Thorne and Buzz Productions.

Science Lady

Shar Levine - science writer for kids.

Iris And Marty

Iris and Marty McEachern - Vancouver's Realtors.

Lieberman Homes

Carole Lieberman - Vancouver's Realtor.

Shirley Chan

Shirley Chan - Liberal party candicate.

Tony Arkell

Tony Arkell - a top producer at Dexter Associates Realty and a member of the Greater Vancouver Medallion Club (top 10% of realtors in Greater Vancouver).


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by Smart Technologies.

The Real Estate Plan

A web site for investors in real estate.

Goodman Report

This is our very successful search engine placement project. Many techniques were used including multiple splash pages for the search engines only. The result is that under certain search terms this site comes up on the top of the list of most search engines. This caused the volume of subscriptions from the internet to soar.

Vancouver Residence

Lorne Goldman, Vancouver's realtor.

The Powder Blues Band

A web site of a famous blues band. It was originally designed and currently is maintained by Smart Technologies.

Pacific Audio Visual Institute

A web site supported and maintained by Smart Technologies Ltd.


Very fast and low-budget sites:

Alpaca Records

A sound recording studio

Blue Wave Productions

A sound recording studio

John Woods

John Woods' personal web page

Alec Becker

Alec Becker, an artist

Greater Vancouver Apartments

A web site for a rental complex in Vancouver.

Blues After Dark

A web site for non profit organization rasing money for Canadian Liver Foundation.


Other web sites

Pro Qwest

A business site for a recruiting consulting company with multiple locations across the US.

Birit International Corporation

A business site for Birit International Corporation.

B & G Auto

A business site for B&G Auto a retail automotive dealer.


A resume / job posting database. A comprehensive information and communications portal for job seekers and recruiters.

ProService Health Information Network

ProService Health Information Network is an electronic claims network specifically for Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Wisconsin.

Matrix Consulting Group

A business site for Matrix Consulting Group

Alpha Technologies International

A business site for the Alpha Technologies International

Arizona Technical Recruiters Network

A business site for the Arizona Technical Recruiters Network

( another edition )

Initial design for the above web site.

Accents Restaurant

A business site for a busy restaranunt.

Ukrainian Village Restaurant

A business site for a small restaranunt.

Smokey Memorial

A non profit site made for free as a charity investment in Smokey Memorial.

Chat Club

A community site for a chat group.

Powder Blues

An original site site for the Powder Blues band.

Blue Wave Productions

An original site for the Blue Wave Productions.


A business site for an MLM company.

Reply 2 It

The original edition of design for Reply2It.com .

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